Medicinal products are of those that treat people with their own medical sicknesses. They are widely used in many pharmacies and convenience stores, which find these products as necessities to sell. Medicines range from pain relief to laxatives.


Pain Relief: Medicines here regard those of which people need to relieve their sudden pains, such as headaches, sprains, and other pains.


Anti-Diarrheal: These medicines regard those of which help prevent excessive diarrhea happening to a victim.


Cough Drops: These candy-like medicines help subdue superfluous amounts of coughing.


Laxatives: Medicines of which help those who have needs bowel movements for their health.


Medicine 24 count: Medicines of which come in smaller packs of 24, they consist of most of the types of medicines already listed.


Supplements: Supplements are products that enhances your body.

For all orders, MUST have TAX EXEMPTION number. Call 773 478 5981 to place orders.